Bandai to Release 12 Inch Figures

Their first figures are C3PO and Wild Tiger from "Tiger & Bunny"

Bandai had never adopted the 12-inch figure, even though the figure size is popular all over the globe. Well now they've come over the "the other side," with two figures to start out their new 12 Inch Perfect Model collection.


The first character to be made into a 12 Inch Perfect Model will be Wild Tiger from the TV anime series Tiger & Bunny. It will be priced at 26,250 yen (about $334 at present rates). That will be available in December.


The second is slated to be C3PO from the Star Wars series. That will be released in February and sell for 33,600 yen (about $427 at current rates).


Because they are targeting male customers in their 20s and 30s, you can be sure these figures will be highly detailed and quality products. (For the prices they're charging, they'd better be!)





Are you tempted to purchase figures like this?


Source: The Japan Times

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