Viewer Ratings for "Ponyo" Drop by Almost Half

The 1st time it was at almast 30%, 2nd time at just over 16%.

The first time Hayao Miyazaki's Gake no Ue no Ponyo played on NTV's Kinyou Tokubetsu Roadshow (Friday Special Roadshow) back in February 2010, the ratings were a phenomenal 29.8% Ratings like that are very rare, especially in the modern age when streaming, pre-recorded media, and DVRs are wide-spread.



But when they showed the movie a second time on NTV's Kiyou Roadshow last Friday night from 9:00 to 11:04 (same weeknight and time as the first showing), the ratings came out to an unimpressive 16.4% share of the Japanese viewing audience. 16.4% is not terrible by any means, and NTV probably did well for themselves and their advertisers, but a moderately well received drama receives similar ratings.


No reasons were give as to it's poorer-than-expected performance. Factors that could have come into play are competition on other channels, fewer people may be home on one of the last Fridays of Summer vacation, or simply that everyone in the nation has already seen the movie.



What do you think caused the low ratings?


Source: Yaraon

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