"Madoka Magica" Sells Its Soul Gems This November

Replica and rings among upcoming Madoka Magica merchandise

Not one, but two character goods companies will be selling Madoka Magica's soul this November. Namely, Movic will be selling 6cm brass and resin replica Soul Gem ornaments, while COSPA is selling wearable silver soul gem rings. As a retailer says "buy it and become a puella for me." 


The replicas sell for 3000yen ($40)



Soul Gem A. Madoka Kaname


Soul Gem B. Homura Akemi


Soul Gem C. Mami Tomoe

Soul Gem D. Sayaka Miki

Soul Gem E. Kyoko Sakura



The silver rings sell for 12,600yen ($160).


Madoka Kaname version

Homura Akemi version

Sayaka Miki version

Mami Tomoe version


Kyoko Sakura version


COSPA also has Homura and Sayaka parka slated for October release. The two sell for 5,145yen ($66)

COSPA will also be releasing a Kyubey tote in October for 2,100yen ($27)

and Cospa has a Smooth Knit Hugging Pillow Cover re-release coming in November for 9,450yen ($120)


In other Madoka Magica merch news, Medicom has a version 2 Kyubey plushie slated to go on sale in December. The 40cm Incubator sells for 3550yen ($45)


via AmiAmi


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