Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Busou Shinki" Anime

Series debuts soon digitally, home video release in 2013

Chalk up another one for Sentai Filmworks, with today's announcement of Busou Shinki joining its anime lineup. The series is set to debut through select digital outlets soon, followed by a 2013 home video release. 


Busou Shinki is directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi (Infinite Stratos, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OVA), with series composition by Sgt. Frog's Masahiro Yokotani. Character design comes from Takahiro Kishida (Durarara!!, Puella Magi Madoka Magica) & Ryōma Ebata (work on Madoka, Macross F). The series originated with Konami Digital Entertainment's line of Mecha Musume style action figures, which also branched off into various video games in Japan. Busou Shinki was also previously into a 10-episode downloadable anime. 


Here's the lowdown on Busou Shinki via Sentai's press release:


Some guys wait their entire life to meet the girl of their dreams, but high school freshman Rihito is already living with FOUR of them!  And, even more incredibly, they’re (almost) always ready and willing to help him with whatever difficult task their “Master” needs to be handled.  So, how did Rihito get to be so lucky?  Well, to tell the truth, while Hinna, Anne, Ines and Rene may not be exactly high maintenance, Rihito DOES have to make sure that they get lubricated regularly and have their batteries recharged in a cradle.  But that’s because they’re Shinki: tiny, 6-inch high, customizable androids that are now being sold all over the world.  And don’t let their tiny size fool you.  These little ladies have more than full-size intelligence and emotions, and since each one would prefer to be Rihito’s favorite, there’s sure to be a little mechanical friction!  Get ready for sparks to fly as four battery powered princesses take charge of Rihito’s world in BUSOU SHINKI!



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