Further Adventures in "Evangelion" Capitalism

From more horse racing promos to eyeglasses

After a something like a late summer breather, the Evangelion promotions are back up in full swing leading up to the November 17th premiere of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. The fashion, junk food and even horse racing tie-ins are familiar at this point, but now bigger and weirder.



When Hideaki Anno was working out his personal demons in Evangelion, I wonder if it occurred to him that his creation would someday be used to promote the Japanese Racing Association (JRA). This isn't motor sports of the sort that the Evangelion Racing Team participate in.


Back in June, following the lead of AKB48 and Production I.G, Evangelion linked up with JRA for a promotional campaign.

The "SMART JRA"promo will featured an animated commercial and a site with an "uMAGI." Based on the anime's supercomputer, this will explain racing in Evangelion terms and offer a betting simulator.


Now, it's back with a new pomo





Evangelion has teamed up with Japan's second largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA). The first campaign featured an augmented reality smart app and digital wallpapers. Second Impact launches October 16th.


giant Lumine Mens x Evangelion Type Blue in Shinjuku Station

on the women's side the equation, there's a  2nd mmts (Mamitasu) × Eva Collaboration

EVANGELION×JINS eyeglasses are now being offered in six styles, including the new Gendo variety

An upcoming "Mode Evangelion" mook (magazine book) looks at this history of Evangelion based fashion and accessories.

UCC Milk Coffee Evangelion cans return on October 15th

Chips with 3D cards are coming in November


Not so much as tie-in as simply expensive, WAVE is releasing the Rebuild of Evangelion 1/18 NERV Official Business Coupe (Operation Division Section 1 Motor Pool Car) later this month for 16,000yen ($200)




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