NYCC 2012: Capcom Announces "Darkstalkers Resurrection" for 2013

New Darkstalkers compilation set for 2013 on PSN and XBLA

Just announced at New York Comic Con during Capcom's Street Fighter 25th Anniversary panel, Yoshinori Ono confirmed that Capcom will release a new compilation over Playstation Network and Xbox Live next year called Darkstalkers Resurrection. While specifics have yet to be confirmed, the bundle will include the last entry in the franchise in Darkstalkers 3 and the first game Darkstalkers: Night Warriors



Additional features include GGPO-technology to reduce online gameplay lag, HD filtering with multiple viewing options, replay sharing, spectator mode, and Achievements. a new challenge mode which provides in-depth tips to using each character to the best of their ability, and a digital vault filled with concept art, videos and more, all of which can be unlocked using "Vault Points" earned from completing in-game challenges.


The online matchmaking will follow in the vein of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, which include upgraded matchmaking with additional options such as region matching, ping lock and ping display, as well as YouTube replay uploading. Pricing for the bundle is set at $14.99 on PlayStation Network and 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade with an earliy 2013 release planned.


Now that we know that Capcom hasn't completely forgotten about Darkstalkers (after years of teasing from Ono) and is willing to throw fans of the franchise a bone, anyone else waiting on this?

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