"Resident Evil 6" Free DLC Features Co-Op for 4th Campaign, New Difficulty Level

Title update adds co-op for fourth campaign and "No Hope" difficulty for the super-hardcore

Don't worry, folks, I'm hard at work on Resident Evil 6 for a thorough review--the game is big. For those of you who've already finished the three main campaigns, you'll notice something absent in the special fourth campaign featuring Ada Wong: there's no co-op!


That's changing with a free update from Capcom that will pair Ada with an as-yet-unnamed partner, and make her campaign available from the beginning instead of having to play the first three campaigns to unlock it. This is pretty handy, since Ada's campaign fills in a lot of the plot holes present in the other three campaigns.


In addition, a new "No Hope" difficulty will be provided, giving players an even greater challenge than Professional difficulty--perfect if you need to grind for Skill Points!




After the Street Fighter X Tekken on-disc DLC debacle earlier this year, Capcom was quick to clarify that while some of the content is available on the Resident Evil 6 disc (thus requiring the actual update and probably the finished content to unlock), all on-disc content will be free, and future paid DLC updates are not already on the disc. Smart move, Capcom!


Have any of you already picked up Resident Evil 6? What are your thoughts on the game?


via Capcom-Unity

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