VIDEO: The Monsters of J-Rock Throw a "Halloween Party"

All-star music video headed by HYDE

The Halloween Junky Orchestra is a spooky all-star musical project monster mash spearheaded by HYDE (Vamps) that includes musical and on-camera contributions from the likes of Acid Black Cherry, DAIGO (BREAKERZ), kyo (D'ERLANGER), Tommy february6/Tommy heavenly6, Tatsurou (MUCC), Tsuchiya Anna, Aoki Ryuuji, K.A.Z (VAMPS), Hitsugi (Nightmare), Aki (SID), RINA (SCANDAL) and Wakeshima Kanon.


And in a year already filled to the brim with stunning entries in an All Hallows’ Eve themed music videos sweepstakes (with contenders including Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Aural Vampire, and Tommy February / heavenly), this creepy “We Are the World”-esque clip now threatens to RULE THEM ALL with some of the best spooky costuming and art direction to come along in many a moon.


Behold... "Halloween Party" performed by the Halloween Junky Orchestra!



Bonus round! The Who's Who of The Halloween Junky Orchestra!




tommy heavenly / february6

Aki (SID)

Anna Tsuchiya

Tatsuro (MUCC)


Kanon Wakeshima

Hitsugi (Nightmare)


Aoki Ryuuji


Acid Black Cherry





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