"K-On!" High School To Be Designated Cultural Landmark

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Being an otaku pilgrimage destination is something of a mixed blessing. On one hand, sites like the  Washinomiya Shrine, popularized by Lucky Star, have welcomed the extra tourism. On the other, spots like Hyōgo Kenritsu Nishinomiya Kita High School, alma mater of Haruhi writer Nagaru Tanigawa have had trouble with unwelcome trespassers.


Consensus has it that the  former Toyosato Elementary School building in Toyosato, Shiga Prefecture is the model for Sakuragaoka Girl's High School, as featured in K-On! This fall, the old school become one of 155 recommendations by the Council for Cultural Affairs in a report to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for designation as a tangible cultural asset.


The school building, designed by American architect William Merrell Vories and built in 1937, was once slated to be demolished before a local campaigned preserved the complex.  The building currently houses a library and community center, which local schools use for musical event in tribute to K-on!

"I'm happy that the building we risked our necks to save from demolition has been registered as a cultural asset. It is our blessing now," said Kiyoharu Honda, 61, who was a former student of the elementary school and led the preservation movement.




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via The Asahi Shimbun


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