Threat Letter Sent to TV Station that Broadcasted "Kuroko's Basketball" Anime

A character event shop in Shibuya is canceled earlier than scheduled

MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting System), a TV broadcasting station in Osaka, reported that they also received a letter to threat them and the Kuroko's Basketball manga creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki with a postmark of October 26th. As same as the previous letters, the sealed letter to MBS came with a vessel with a liquid substance and a disposable lighter. The station broadcasted the TV anime adaptation based on the manga from April 7th to September 22nd this year. The threat letter says, "I am the person that everything in my life was taken by Fujimaki" and "Fire, edged tools, guns, I would use any means." MBS has already reported to the Osaka Prefectural Police.


So far more than 20 places related to the Kuroko's Basketball manga or anime and the manga creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki received threat letters with powder or liquid substances in the latter half of October. The police has found there was a high possibility that the liquid sent to Sophia University

on October 12th would produce hydrogen sulfide that exceeded the human lethal dose drastically.

It means the sender is really trying to hurt or kill the people who related to Kuroko's Basketball and Fujimaki.


Also, "Kuroko no Baske produced by Namco Namja Town", a character event shop held at Shibuya

PARCO in Tokyo, has announced that it will close the shop tommorow on November 2nd, three weeks

earlier than scheduled. They simply explained the reason as "due to various circumstances," and it has

not been confirmed that they also received the threat letter.


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Source: MBS News, Sankei


image © Tadatoshi Fujimaki/Shueisha/Kuroko's Basketball Production Committee

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