VIDEO: The Mini Mario Orchestra's "Epic RPG Medley"

Musical Marios celebrate RPG favorites from the original "Final Fantasy" to "Skyrim"

Video game music is awesome. Far from the stereotypical beeps and boops movies and TV have taught us to expect (does anybody remember that NCIS episode where the guy murdered people through a MMORPG?), video games have brought us some incredibly moving and unforgettable tunes. RPGs tend to lead the pack, with sweeping orchestral scores that play up their epic storylines and globe-spanning adventures.


Youtube musician Diwa De Leon has pulled out all the stops with his Mini Mario Orchestra, recreating some of gaming's best RPG music from Japanese favorites like Chrono Trigger to Western-designed "new classics" like Mass Effect. Check it out:



You don't know how happy I was to see Chrono Cross theme "Time's Scar" show up in that medley. What are your favorite pieces of RPG music that made the cut? Did any of your favorites not get represented?


via Destructoid

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