If You're Named "Shinji," "Rei" or "Asuka" Head Over to Izakaya Pub for Your Evangelion Discount

Complicated Ayanami-wari" formula for drink discounts timed for November launch of "Evangelion 3.0"

The experience of piloting an Eva is probably enough to drive one to drink, so, in honor of November's Evangelion 3.0 launch, Monteroza's Uotami and Shirokiya izakaya pubs are offering patrons who share the name of one of the anime's pilots a discount. 



The formula is a bit complicated. The Asahi Shimbun lays it out:


Under the "Ayanami-wari" discount campaign, pub dwellers at a Monteroza-operated izakaya with the same first names or surnames of Rei Ayanami, Shinji Ikari, Asuka Shikinami Langley, Mari Makinami Illustrious and Kaworu Nagisa will get discounts.


For example, a group of customers will get a 15 percent discount if one of them shares the same first name as one of the characters. If a customer has the same family name, such as Ikari and Ayanami, the group will get a 30 percent discount. When a person has a matching first name and surname, the group will receive a 50 percent discount.


And if everyone in the group has the same first and last name, the group will get a 77 percent discount.


There is a discount limit of 5,000 yen ($63.50).


Costumers will also receive one of six Eva coasters,



Patrons who bring a movie ticket and spend at least 2,100 yen will be eligible for a free giveaway for prizes that include a set of nine drink coasters, A1-sized posters, a special shochu beverage and more.


Speaking of Evangelion and boozing, Lawson convenience stores are now offering Misato labeled liqueur (pictured with Ume Aoki labelled plum sake).



via the Asahi Shimbun


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