Evangelion 3.0 Accessory Lets You Look the Part of Pirate Asuka

Plus plenty of other character good accessories!

Asuka's remarkable Evangelion 3.0 look was bound to inspire a few accessories. I'm fully expecting the eared hat and its pins to go on sale soon. However, Movic seems to be leading the charge with the mid January release of "Rebuild of Evangelion - Asuka's Eyepatch." The number will set you back 1500yen ($19). 



a couple of fan drawings of the look...

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Speaking of interesting wearable character goods, here are some other interesting one set to be released soon


Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere - Tenzo Cap - set to be released in early March for 5,985yen ($75)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Sief Zeon and Char Mesh Cap - out later this month for 2100yen ($26)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Char's Zaku Hooded Jumper due in December for 12,600yen ($158)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Earth Federation Force M65 Jacket - due in late January for 16,590yen ($208)

Jormungand - HCLI M51 Jacket - due in December for 12600yen ($158(

Hyouka - Kamiyama High School Jersey Set - due in February for  21,000yen ($264)

Anime Little Busters! - Kudryavka Noumi Sweatpants - due in early December for 5,460 ($69)

Little Busters! Stadium Jacket - due in late January for 29400yen ($370)


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