VIDEO: Korea's Giant Monster Returns in an Early Look at "Host 2"

Korean kaiju sequel has been talked about since 2007

While anime fans remarked that the monster looked a whole lot like the one from Patlabor WXIII, 2006 Korean kaiju movie The Host was well regarded, both by genre fans and mainstream critics. A sequel written by webcomic artist Kang Full has been talked about since 2007, but after a decade, we're finally seeing footage of the project.



The CG effects were produced domestically by Macrograph, the VFX company behind R2B: Return to Base (aka Soar Into the Sun), A Chinese Ghost Story and Stephen Chow's upcoming Journey to the West.

No release date has been announced.


The first Host: 


Patlabor WXIII


Also of note, The Host director Bong Joon-ho made a short about a hikikomori featuring live-action Kenshin's Yū Aoi.


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