Voice of "Hunter x Hunter" Anime Movie's Spider #4 Revealed

Plus a "Hunter x Hunter" jump cover and early look at volume 31

It's a big week for Hunter x Hunter doings. There's a Shonen Jump cover promoting two part Kurapika short story Tsuioku-hen. 



The cover of volume 31, set to be released December 4th, has been revealed...



And, speaking of reveals, we finally find out who will be voicing the mysterious Spider #4 in the January anime movie, Phantom Rouge.



You might not be able to recognize him when you hear it, since rather than anime voice actor, the character, Omokage, is being done by drama star/singer Naohito Fujiki (live-action adaptations of manga Hana Yori Dango, GTO, Dragon Head, Happy Mania).

Idol/actress Umika Kawashima voices original character Pyro - a childhood friend of Kurapika

Haruhi Suzumiya voice actress Aya Hirano will be voicing itinerant puppeteer Retz


via Moe Ota-News Sokuhō @HxHPodcast @manganewsjapon


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