VIDEO: Japan Develops "Virtual Body" Tech Using All 5 Senses!

Can recreate smells, wind, and feeling of stepping on the ground

While the rest of the world fiddles with stuff like smart phones and clean energy, the Ikei Laboratory of Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of System Design are straight-up working on “virtual body” technology that engages all five senses (that’s vision, touch, smell, taste, and hearing for those of you counting) for a truly out of this world experience. Watch a demo video below!



So far, the prototype looks a bit like a Matrix-eque nightmare (complete with torture chair), but we’re willing to trade in a bit of our humanity for the chance to walk around a virtual Milan, or winning a virtual 100-meter dash, as long as someone remembers to unplug it before going to bed. Or change our adult diapers every couple of hours. Whichever comes first.


Happy future, everyone.


Source: Diginfonews



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