Yoshinori Ono Interested in Reviving "Street Fighter Alpha" Series

"Street Fighter" prequel series introduced now-mainstays like Sakura and Dan Hibiki

When it first hit arcades in 1995, Street Fighter Alpha was a strange and welcome treat--it was a Street Fighter game done in a bright, animated style, with fast-paced battles reminiscent of the Street Fighter II anime movie. While they were fun games, the prequel series (taking place between the original Street Fighter and SFII) hasn't been seen since 2006's Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX.


With Capcom looking back at its library and asking gamers what they want to see in the digital space, a gamer tweeted his desire to see a console release of PSP exclusive SFA3 MAX alongside the upcoming Darkstalkers Resurrection. It drew the attention of Street Fighter series producer Yoshinori Ono, leading to this exchange:


@CSLFiero: "Here's to a hoping a console release of Alpha 3 Max with DS: Resurrection"

@Yoshi_OnoChin: "I have interest in making something for [Alpha] series ;D"


It's far from announcing an actual working title, but the Alpha series did show up in Capcom's recent survey regarding interest in future digital releases. There's also the fact that a hefty chunk of Street Fighter IV's cast are Alpha characters. Don't believe me? Count 'em--Gen, Dan, Sakura, Cody, Guy, Adon, Rose, and Evil Ryu are all from the SFA series (Akuma/Gouki first appeared in Super Street Fighter II Turbo).


Do you think Capcom will be reviving the Street Fighter Alpha brand with a new title, or will they first release online-capable upgrades of older titles (probably a two-pack with the more balanced Alpha 2 and the more fun Alpha 3) to test the waters?


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