VIDEO: Kentucky Fried Christmas in Japan

Col. Sanders as Santa



Ahhh, Christmas dinner…As you sit down to your delicious oven roasted turkey and figgy pudding, consider this unsettling observation: The Colonel’s finger lickin’ good Kentucky Fried Chicken has overtaken Christmas in Japan! And video blogger TheJapanChannelDcom risked life and limb to bring you this video of folks desperately queuing up for KFC fast food holiday suppers. Experience the thrill of of seeing a line going around the corner, staff members losing their minds, and even a security guard, presumably guarding the Colonel’s secret recipe below!



While I could do without the video maker’s brilliant observations like, “it’s all about business and money”, I admit there is something uncanny about KFC for Christmas…Although if a stocking stuffed with Popcorn Chicken were to magically appear, I don't think I would turn it down. 



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