Cast for "Prism Nana" Magic Girls Confirmed

Plus prototype Nendoroids from Comiket

SHAFT, the studio who brought us Madoka Magica, are busying promoting new mahou shoujo anime project Magical Suite Prism Nana at Comiket 83 with sales of a DVD featuring the seven pilot shorts and the soundtrack. This comes the reveal that fans nailed voice cast with their earlier speculations.


Namely Suzuko Mimori (Yuruyuri's Himawari Furutani, Poyopoyo's Moe Sato, Milky Holme's Sherlock), Eri Kitamura (Bakemonogatari' Karen Araragi) and Asami Imai (Steins;Gate's Kurisu Makise, [email protected]'s Chihaya Kisaragi) as the three girls.



The prototype of the Nendoroids of firey Itaru, earth-embued Asuka, and water-wielder Kotone were also shown at Comiket.


via @Ikari_Gendo @ultimatemegax and Tomopop


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