Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Tegami Bachi: Reverse"

Anime series will be available later this year on subtitled DVD and through digital outlets

Anime licensing company Sentai Filmworks have announced the acquisition of Tegami Bachi: Reverse, the second season of the adaptation of Hiroyuki Asada's manga. Plans are to released the series on subtitled DVD and through digital outlets later this year.


Director Akira Iwanaga returns to the helm for this 25 episode sequel to the popular Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee.  Series composition is by Masanao Akahoshi (La storia della Arcana Famiglia) with character designs by Minako Shiba (Black Butler), sound direction by Katsunori Shimizu (Nadia, Secret of Blue Water) and music by Kunihiko Ryo (Emma: A Victorian Romance).

From Sentai's description

After Niche carries the wounded and stunned Lag back to the Bee Hive, the Letter Bee finally begins to piece the puzzle together.  Now he knows what’s happened to Gauche, why the Marauders are so focused on stealing mail and the actual intent of the group controlling both, Reverse.  However, when he’s forbidden to reveal the truth, Lag is soon forced out of the artificial sunlight and back into the world of perpetual night.  And soon Reverse’s plot to take down the Letter Bees and overthrow the Amberground government begins to accelerate.  If things weren’t already bad enough, the giant insect creatures called gaichuu are apparently evolving into something new; there may be traitors working within the Hive; and Niche’s sister, who’s definitely not human friendly, shows up to turn family drama into a full-scale siege!  It all spells serious trouble for the Letter Bees, but if anyone can weather the storms and gloom of night, Lag and his team are the ones who’ll deliver.  The excitement continues as the man of letters who’s also the ultimate man of action carries on fighting in TEGAMI BACHI: REVERSE.



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