"Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII" Introduces Quasi-Rival Lumina

New character both helps and hinders Lightning in XIII's closing chapter

Some new Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII information comes out of Jump magazine, and this time the chief focus is on a new character, Lumina. While Lumina isn't exactly Lightning's enemy, she both helps and hinders her progress throughout the game, and seems to keep close tabs on where Lightning is going. 


A look at Lumina from the magazine:



You'll also be able to change what Lighting wears in the game. Obtain different "wear"—there are three kinds in a set with the ability to equip them in battle—and swap out the costume if you don't like it. One of the revealed outfits is Dark Muse, which adds a camouflage jacket, knife, and latticework shield. The other is the samurai armor-styled Lonely Soul in a Sandstorm outfit.


Look out for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII to hit PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 sometime this year. 



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