Snow Miku Stamp 2013 ver. Offered in Hokkaido

15,000 limited stamp sheet will be available at the five post offices

This year's Snow Miku campaign in Hokkaido still continues. Just as last year, the Hokkaido branch of the Japanese Post Office announced yesterday that they will offer the 2013 version of original frame stamp set "Yuki Miku (Snow Miku)", and two types of "Mado Mail" postcards featuring the super popular vocaloid character Hatsune Miku. The 15,000 limited "Yuki Miku 2013" set contains a ten 80-yen stamps sheet, a B5 clear file, three envelopes, and six letter papers. The price for the set is 1,600 yen (about US$17.76). And the price for each "Mado Mail" postcards, Fuwafuwa coat ver. and Ichigo Shiromuku ver., is 250 yen (about US$2.77). The stamp set and postcards will go on sale at five major post offices in Hokkaido on February 5th and at other events later.  


Stamp sheet


Clear file


Envelope and letter papers


"Mado Mail" post card Fuwafuwa coat ver.

"Mado Mail" post card Ichigo Shiromuku ver.

Source: JP Post Office via Piapro


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