VIDEO: An Early Look at "Tenchi Muyo War On Geminar" English Dub

Release of fantasy spin-off planned for 2013

Fresh out of Ohayo-con, FUNimation has announced the English cast for Tenchi War on Geminar, the fantasy spin-off of the 90's sci-fi harem comedy. A release of the series is planned for 2013.


Get ready for an adventurous new chapter in the legendary Tenchi franchise -- a classic spinoff loaded with interplanetary sex appeal!

Fifteen year old Kenshi Masaki was taken from his home planet, transported to a galaxy far, far away, and captured by a gorgeous princess! This royal beauty quickly claims Kenshi as her personal servant -- and lends him out to all the lecherous ladies at her prestigious boarding school. On the rare occasion Kenshi doesn't have his hands full with a curvaceous coed, he can be found training for the intergalactic mecha battle royale looming on the horizon. Helping the princess save her planet is Kenshi's ticket home, but losing means he'll be stuck scrubbing backs in the interstellar sauna for the rest of his life! Every boy should be so lucky.

Coming 2013.


AURA Lydia Mackay
CHIAIA Morgan Garrett
KENSHI Jason Liebrecht
LASHARA Jād Saxton
LITHIA Caitlin Glass
MARIA Tia Ballard
WAHANLY Cherami Leigh
ULYTE J. Michael Tatum
BABALUN R Bruce Elliott



ALAN Joel McDonald
ANGELA Leah Clark
BWOOLE Allison Sumrall
CERES Josh Grelle
CLIFF Jerry Jewell
CORDYLINE Stephanie Young
DAGMYER Duncan Brannan
DOLL Monica Rial
EMERA Shelley Calene-Black
FLORA Colleen Clinkenbeard
GAIA John Swasey
GRYNO Ryan Reynolds
HANNAH Karen Bright
HAZUKI Andrea Freyberg
JOZZY Trina Nishimura
KING SHURIFON     John Swasey
KORO Kristi Kang
LAN Brina Palencia
LAPIS Alexis Tipton
MEXIAH Jamie Marchi
MORGA Emily Neves
NANA Pam Dougherty
NEIL Ian Sinclair
NEIZAI Martha Harms
POPE Jerry Russell
UNCLE Jeremy Inman
VANESSA Brittney Karbowski
WREDA Michelle Rojas
YELISS Lindsay Seidel
YUKINE Kristi Kang



ADR Director & Line Producer     Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer Kevin Leasure
Head Writer John Burgmeier
Script Writer Jamie Marchi


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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