Gen Urobuchi Tweets About Killing Characters

Writer for “Madoka Magica,” "Fate/Zero" and “Psycho-Pass” comments on death and fiction.

Like most celebrities, Gen Urobuchi has a twitter account. Sometimes he talks about his projects, and sometimes he talks about wanting to go see The Hobbit. Today he tweeted about killing off characters.


gen urobuchi twitter

His tweet says that, as a middle school kid, he was shocked at the death of Lila Milla Rira from Gundam Zeta, and resented the director, Tomino. He says that in fiction, it's not good to kill off characters lightly.


For a man who’s biggest claim to fame is murdering off characters, that’s kind of hilarious. 


mami madoka magica 




In other news, I miss Lancer.


Source: Twitter



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