VIDEO: "Cryamore" Brings Back Classic Action-RPG Goodness

Crowd-funded 2D action-RPG draws inspiration from "Secret of Mana," "The Legend of Zelda" and more

It's no secret that I love a good action-RPG--it lets me do all the stat adjustment and equipment optimization I love without my hands atrophying from inactivity, because menu-based combat is about as satisfying as, well...



I will never get tired of this joke, because it's so true


Finding a great 2D action-RPG is an even bigger deal in this age of bump-mapped polygons and dynamic light-sourcing. Just when I was thinking we'd never get another Bastion, in comes Cryamore, a drop-dead gorgeous 2D action-RPG that's taking the genre back to its roots. The game's development team includes UDON's Rob "Robaato" Porter, YouTube music favorite Aivi Tran (waltzforluma), and Mariel Cartwright of Skullgirls and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.



Cryamore is the name of a mystical element that's replaced obsolete steam-powered technology, but can also be used to power up humans. However, its use has shaken up the balance of the land, causing monsters to appear and attack settlements. Main character and kickass bookworm Esmyrelda Maximus (Esmy for short) has been commissioned to search for Cryamore for her town, but naturally it's going to lead to a much bigger adventure.


You can get more details about this awesome-sounding, awesome-looking game at its Kickstarter page, along with some of the awesome donation rewards. The list of this game's influences is amazing--elements from La Pucelle, Brave Fencer Musashi, Wild Arms, and even Fullmetal Alchemist have been brought together for this throwback to the good ol' days of gaming.




Seriously, that's just Esmy's neutral sprite! I know I'm excited for this--what about you?

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