Infographic Teaches How To Style Jolyne Kujo’s Hair

Infographic provides a peek into the crazy looks behind "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" characters

If there’s one thing you can easily rely on Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for, it’s a whole host of insane-looking characters with enough neon colors to make the 80’s regret neon. Of course, that’s part of what makes Jojo so cool, and what makes cosplayers salivate and panic at the same time.


jojo's bizarre advenure


Luckily for anyone mad enough to take on the only female Jojo, Jolyne (star of the Stone Ocean arc), there’s an infographic on how to do her hair.


 jojo's bizarre adventue


If you’re curious, yes, I tried this out with my hair. It’s doable.


jojo's bizarre advenure


As far as that jumpsuit goes, though (and getting the abs to pull it off), you’re on your own.


jojo's bizarre adventure


Would you like to be a Joestar?


Source: Japan Otaku Channel



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