“One Piece’s” Luffy Looks Good Enough to Eat

Chef makes Monkey D. Luffy out of sugar, rice powder and red bean paste.

We all know that eating a devil fruit gives you special powers. But what happens if you eat Luffy himself? Probably just a toothache, because this sculpture of One Piece’s Luffy D. Monkey is gigantic and made out of sugar.


luffy one piece


Manabu Tateyama, a patissier in Kumamoto Prefecture, made Luffy (and the edible background) for the Interacting with Japanese Sweets workshop, held February 9th and 10th. He’s 50 cm tall (that‘s almost 20 inches), and made of sugar, glutinous rice powder and red bean paste. Luffy will be on display until October 2nd.


luffy one piece

He says the face was the most difficult part; it took him a month to complete.


Would you eat Luffy?


Sources: Kumanichi



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