"Kuroko's Basketball" Chocolate Bar Announced

Just in time for Valentine's Day for girls to give them to...uh, the guys on the package?

Animate announced Kuroko's Basketall chocolate bars just in time for Valentine's Day.






Kuroko Chocolate is Milk Chocolate with Almond flavor, just perfect for his normal self:)




Strawberry flavor chocolate with Macadamia nuts is for Kagami, suited well for his sweet self in my opinion.




Everybody's idol, Kise offers Banana flavor chocolate with macadamia nuts.





The only flavor that can be his flavor is Blueberry Chocolate with macadamia nuts.





I was expecting a Red Bean flavor chocolate, but then it's not green. Midorima chocolate is Melon (honeydew) flavor with macadamia nuts.





Last but not least, Murasakibara and Akashi are together on the package for Raspberry flavor chocolate with macadamia nuts.


Which lucky guy is getting these chocolate on this V-Day? I have a feeling there will be lots of photos of a mountain of these chocolate in front of the guys on the package.

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