"Star Driver The Movie" Has A "Galactic Pretty Store" Collaboration!

Galactic Pretty Desserts are here from Shinjuku's Marui One!

Shinjuku Marui One is one of the few locations that are Otaku friendly in stylish Shinjuku and does many collaborations with anime. There are multiple collaborations going on and one of them is for STAR DRIVER the Movie. The movie opened in Japan last Saturday.



The collaboration event is titled "Galactic Pretty Store in Marui One."  "Galactic Pretty Store" is a word play with "Galactic Pretty Boy" since both in Japanese sound similar, as "Ginga Bishounen" and "Ginga Bishouten".


During the event, Patisserie Swallowtail is also offering STAR DRIVER desserts.


Galactic Pretty Boy Cake  630JPY

Sour cherry flavored mousse on top of passion fruit flavored rolled sponge with berries on top.




STAR DRIVER Macarons  300JPY each

Takuto (Red): Raspberry

Wako (Yellow): Lemon

Sugata (Blue): Blueberry

Taubaan (White): Chocolate



STAR DRIVER Cup Assort  1,050JPY

Chocolate covered Almond Cookies in a STAR DRIVER Mugcup


The Movie exclusive rubber coaster comes with each purchase of these desserts. STAR DRIVER the Movie collaboration event, "Ginga Bishouten at Marui One" is open until 18th of this month.


Watch the STAR DRIVER TV series, here.


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