VIDEO: 1st Anime PV for Kentaro Yasui's "Ark IX" Light Novel

The theme song "Nevereverland" performed by Nano

Japanese record company FlyingDog posted the 1st anime promotional video for Kentaro Yasui's newest light novel series Ark IX (Ark Nine) on its official YouTube channel on February 26th. The anime Blu-ray disc will be bundled with the limited edition of the 2nd volume of the novel which is scheduled to be published in Japan on July 2nd. The theme song for the anime "Nevereverland" is performed by Nano and the full PV for the song is now available on Nico Nico Douga.


Kentaro Yasui was famous for his popular light novel series Ragnarok/Sword of the Dark Ones in Japan. The 1st volume of Ark IX which was published in Japan this month was his first work for Kodansha since his last novel Ragnarok EX Misfortune for Kadokawa Shoten in 2006. The story of Ark IX follows private detective Enishi Shindo's investigation which leads to a revelation about the troubled world. Since "The Lost Day" 150 years ago, the world have been divided in half by a 3000m

high wall. Now the people live on the floating cities called "Ark."



The cover of the 1st volume


Source: Natalie

image © Kentaro Yasui/Kodansha

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