Yamakan Returns for "Lucky Star" Spin-off "The Miyakawa Family's Hunger"

Opening "Kachigumi" will be sung by Konata and Kagami, while the titular Miyakawa sisters sing ending "Makegumi"

While Yutaka Yamamoto (Haruhi, Senyu) famously parted ways with the Lucky Star production after directing the first four episodes, the divisive "Yamakan" will be returning for the adaptation of Kagami Yoshimizu's spin-off, The Miyakawa Family's Hunger, which will be produced by the studio he founded, Ordet, along with Encourage Films.


Touko Machida simularly returns to the franchise for the upcoming anime's scripts.


Opening "Kachigumi" is reportedly sung by Lucky Star leads Konata and Kagami, while the titular Miyakawa sisters sing ending "Makegumi."

via Comic Natalie

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