Hatsune Miku Helps You Order Domino's Pizza with New App

Share pictures of the pizza with augmented reality Miku models

Last fall, Domino's Pizza Japan started a project, recruiting fans to produce its own vocaloid song using Hatsune Miku. A new Miku Domino's phase is launching this month, starting with a collaborative iOS app. If you're in Japan, you can use the app to order pizza, watch videos while you're waiting, then share pictures of the pizza with augmented reality Miku models using the “Social Pizza Camera Function," or use the box as an AR performance venue with “Pizza Stage Live.”



From the official description:

A new collaboration app of Domino’s Pizza × HATUSNE MIKU!
This dream collaboration has been developed through the challenge of “Domino’s crews to create VOCALOID songs together”.
【Domino’s App feat. A plenty of HATSUNE MIKU special functions come with it!】

●Let’s order pizza with the HATSUNE MIKU design!
From the menu to the order screen, all functions changed their appearance based on Domino’s crews × MIKU’s image! 
HATUSNE MIKU’s costumes and songs appeared in the app were produced by Domino’s crews. 

●Check the delivery status with HATSUNE MIKU songs! 
The tracking function that allows you to check your order status in real time has also an appearance of Domino’s crews × MIKU! The delivery status is indicated on the screen with the original music produced by Domino’s crews.

●Let’s take a picture of your pizza with HATSUNE MIKU! 
The app comes with the “Social Pizza Camera Function”! Let’s take a picture with HATSUNE MIKU who wears costumes designed by Domino’s crews! You can choose a facial expression and pose of HATSUNE MIKU, and create your own picture. Moreover, you can get HATSUNE MIKU posed cutely by scanning the Domino’s Pizza logo. 

●Turn the pizza box into a concert stage!
Once your pizza is delivered, start the “Pizza Stage Live” function.
Just point the camera at the pizza box, a concert stage will appear there. 
Enjoy the special live performance of Domino’s Pizza × HATSUNE MIKU in AR. 
Off course, the lyrics, music, costumes and choreography were produced by Domino’s crews! 


【The convenient functions of Domino’s App remain same!】
●Easy order! GPS delivery!
The convenient functions of Domino’s App remain same! This App is served by Domino’s Pizza and offers you an easy order system. 
You can save your favorite menu items and make an order quickly. 
Although you don’t know the delivery address because you want to have the pizza delivered to a park or you just moved to a new place, this order system is so convenient! 
The GPS helps you with the delivery address so an order can be made and pizza will be delivered wherever you are. 
(This service is offered within the Domino’s delivery service areas in Japan)

●App special coupons
Special coupons are always available! Although, you lost the coupon on a flyer, you can always save money by ordering through Domino’s App. Off course, same as ordering on the Domino’s website, you can get an additional 5% discount when ordering through the Domino’s App!

・Registration at Domino’s online store is required in order to use this application. 
・The service of this application is available within the Domino’s delivery service areas in Japan. 
・Order can be made within the business hours of Domino’s Pizza stores. 
・There may be a limitation of products or services for this app. Coupons on the flyers or distributed via email cannot be used in this app. -
・This app is not provided in English. Please use the Japanese version. 
・This app is not adaptable to iPhone3 and iPhone3GS.
・This app is adaptable to iPod touch 5th generation or the later models (some functions such as the GPS is not included).
・This app is adaptable to iOS5.0 or the later version.
・This app can be used on iPad; however, the GPS function is not available. 
・Please order any pizza, pasta, or Hot-Sub for more than 1000 yen for the delivery service.

Some early pics from the app



Some of the prior results of the Domino's Vocaloid campaign:


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