Plenty of Moe Items Showcased at Foodex Japan Trade Show

See which products let their kawaii flag fly

The 38th international food and beverage exhibition Foodex Japan 2013 ran at the Makuhari Messe convention center this week, and of course to grab the attention of buyers, there was plenty of moe on display. From a brown rice girl to Edo era girl gunner on bottles of sake, see which products let their kawaii flag fly...


Motsu kare's spoke's character, a 17 year old girl who loves soccer and curry



Katsuobushi No Furikake bonito flakes (dried fish) with a series of characters who are 16 year old schoolgirl part time restaurant workers

Fuji Shokuhin Kogyo's brown rice girl

They're also marketing to the history geek bishonen fans

Speaking of bishonen, there's a 25 year old tour guide character representing Fujinomiya's canned rainbow trout

Ishii Farm's strawberry ice cream girl

Thematically shaped tea cakes that tie into Legend of Sugura app - with traditional characters like Kaguya Hime that tie into a AR camera

Hanaharu Aizu's sake with a moe version of edo era gunner Yamamoto Yaeko

Daruma Natto also has a curry girl - she has her own site at

She's from Kaishaku, the folks behind Steel Angel Kurumi and UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie

via Gigazine

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