"Hayate the Combat Butler - Cuties" Anime Visual

Each episode of April anime to feature different path, focused on different heroine

A new image offers a cleaned up, clearer version of the visual used by manga magazine Shonen Sunday to announce plans for the "Cuties" season of Hayate the Combat Butler. Each episode of the series will feature a different path, dedicated to a different heroine, with a different ending song.


The run down is

Episode 1: Hayate Ayasaki
Episode 2: Nagi Sanzenin
Episode 3: Atene Tennōsu
Episode 4: Isumi Saginomiya and Sakuya Aizawa
Episode 5: Hinagiku Katsura
Episode 6: Izumi Segawa "and two other people"
Episode 7: Ruka Suirenji
Episode 8: Ayumu Nishizawa
Episode 9: Chiharu Harukaze and Kayura Tsurugino
Episode 10: Maria

"and more"



The staff from Hayate the Combat Butler: Can not Take My Eyes Off You return for the new series.  Ayako Kawasumi (Fate/zero's Saber) will be voicing the role of Atene Tennōsu



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