JASRAC Sues Illegal Anime Theme Song Uploaders

First accusations by the organization in Wakayama and Kagoshima

The Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC) announced on March 14th that they have filed lawsuits against two persons in Wakayama and Kagoshima prefecture who uploaded popular Japanese songs, anime theme songs (no mention of the specific titles), and TV programs administered by JASRAC to the internet without the permission. These are the first accusations by JASRAC for illegal use of file-sharing software in both prefectures. The 29-year-old woman in Wakayama used file-sharing software Cabos and the 38-year-old man used LimeWire to upload the files.


JASRAC says in the press release, "Illegal distribution using file-share software cause not only serious damage to the copyright holders but also a hindrance to the development of music culture. JASRAC vows its continued cooperation with the police in proactively eradicating illegal distribution

over the Internet and will seek to raise copyright awareness through publicity activities to promote the

legitimate use of creative works."



Source: JASRAC press release


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