Manga's Grossest Magic Girl Fantasy Returns

"Mitokon Perestroika" kicks off in the June issue of Comic @ Bunch, maybe appropriately on sale April 20th

Chances are, you haven't read a manga like Man Gatarou's. His work is deliberately ugly, full of absolutely unattractive naked people, human effluvia, and pretty much anything else foul and obscene you can think of. And, he has a habit of  tackling classic subjects, like a scatological version of Journey to the West or a punk reimagining of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment

His 2011 gag magical girl fantasy Mitokon ran for a volume in Jump SQ - the home of Binbougami ga!, D.Gray-man, Gate 7 and Claymore. In it, cute heroines lead by a bandit princess contended with a passion for adventure face a world full of monsters and more abnormal passions. 

After leaving fans with a "to be continued" its finally coming back from a new magazine and publisher. 

Mitokon Perestroika kicks off in the June issue of Comic @ Bunch, maybe appropriately on sale April 20th.

Mitokon Perestroika art

From the original series...

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