Poll: Winter Shows You Shouldn’t Have Dropped

Japanese fans rank winter’s underdogs

We’ve all made that mistake: a couple of episodes in, and a show just doesn’t grab you. With all of the anime out there begging to be watched, you make the call and the show gets unceremoniously dumped. Japanese voters at Biglobe took a look back at the winter season and voted on the shows that deserve a second chance.


The ranking:




1. Oreshura
2. Blast of Tempest




3. Psycho-Pass
4. Love Live! School Idol Project


pet girl of sakurasou

5. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
6. Vividred Operation
7. Little Busters!
8. Tamako Market



9. Chihayafuru 2
10. THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke



11. Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)
12. Senran Kagura
13. Minami ke
15. Robotics;Notes

With winter winding down, some of these shows have hit their finales, while others come to an end this week. That gives us a week before spring descends on us with all it’s lovely, new anime-ish goodness. That’s not a lot of time to look back at some of the stuff you might have missed.


So what do you think? Is one of your favorite shows on the list? Does it make you re-think something you passed up?


Amanda Rush is the Associate Editor for Ani.Me and contributor for OtakuCollectionDX. She swears in the middle of the night on Twitter as @TheAnimaven.

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