"Dragon Ball Z - Battle of Gods" Name Puns Explained

Unfortunately, they're not "Bells" and "Whistles" or "Beers" and "Whis"

Saiyans are named after vegetables. Bulma's family are undergarments. Piccolo's minions were musical instruments. So, what's the pun scene for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' antagonists? 



I was hoping the the Bells and Whistles interpretation was correct.  Beers and Whis was another popular guess.


It turns out that they've gone a bit more serious with, according to screenwriter Yūsuke Watanabe, "virus" names. The Egyptian cat god-ish God of Destruction is  “Birusu” (ビルス), based on the German pronunciation of the word “virus.”

Meanwhile the blue guy is Uis (ウイス), derived from the Japanese approximation for the word “virus” ウイルス (uirusu).


via Kanzenshuu

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