VIDEO: Latest "Hayate the Combat Butler - Cuties" Preview

Each episode of April anime to feature different path, focused on different heroine

With a nice, quick turn around, the staff from Hayate the Combat Butler: Can not Take My Eyes Off You returns this spring with the new Cuties anime series. Ayako Kawasumi (Fate/zero's Saber) will be joining the cast as Atene Tennōsu in the anime which has a different heroine/route for each episode.



The run down is

Episode 1: Hayate Ayasaki
Episode 2: Nagi Sanzenin
Episode 3: Atene Tennōsu
Episode 4: Isumi Saginomiya and Sakuya Aizawa
Episode 5: Hinagiku Katsura
Episode 6: Izumi Segawa "and two other people"
Episode 7: Ruka Suirenji
Episode 8: Ayumu Nishizawa
Episode 9: Chiharu Harukaze and Kayura Tsurugino
Episode 10: Maria

"and more"


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