VIDEO: Dance to supercell's New Tie-up Song "Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!"

Let's create your own MMD dance video!

The collaboration project between HAL, College of Technology & Design and popular J-Pop music group supercell for HAL's 2013 television commercial using a 17-year-old character with dark green hair named Haru (or Hal) was announced on April 1st this year. They finally posted a 15 seconds TV CM and its 1 minute 30 seconds extended version video featuring the tie-up song "Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!" by supercell yesterday. You can download the module and motion data of the character Haru for free on the project's special site and make your own video with it. The release date of the song is not known at present.



Character design: Shirow Miwa (supercell)

MMD model: ISAO

Art director: WakamuraP

Motion design: Yumiko

Song: "Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!" by supercell 


"The world wants to be surprised by you."



HAL×supercell TV CM (30 sec)



"Yeah Oh Ahhh Oh!" HAL×supercell Edit ver. (1 min 30 sec)



Dance choreography video


via: Nikkan Vocaloid Guide


Copyright © HAL

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