Pizza Hut Makes Games Greasier with Xbox Live App

Now you don't even need to leave your console to order

Regret, thy name is Meat Lover's. At least that's probably how I'll feel the morning after I make my first pizza order via Pizza Hut's new Xbox Live app. Hey, sometimes you just can't put down the game long enough to pick up the phone, and that's where Pizza Hut's app comes in.


Thanks to a partnership between the pizza chain and Microsoft, the entire menu is now accessible via the downloadable app. Hungry, hungry gamers will even be able to use Kinect motion controls and voice commands to make their orders, and can link their Xbox and accounts to save settings and streamline future purchases.



The app is now available, and those who download it and order pizza between now and May 6 will get a 15% discount on the first purchase. Anyone here see themselves using something like this, or is it more trouble than it's worth?



Via Polygon



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