Ryuhei Kitamura Plans "Versus" Film Sequel for 2014

Director aims to get leading man Tak Sakaguchi to return

If you were into Japanese movies in the early '00s, you likely couldn't escape the hype of Ryuhei Kitamura's low-budget, gory action flick Versus. With Tak Sakaguchi (Azumi, Battlefield Baseball, Yakuza Weapon) in the lead, it was all everyone talked about for a while, and now Kitamura recently announced plans to film a sequel next year.


Word on more Versus came while Kitamura was busy promoting his new Hollywood movie, No One Lives. To sweeten things further, he added that he's confident he can get Sakaguchi to return for the sequel.


"The lead actor (Sakaguchi Tak) is retired, but I'll get him to make a comeback," he said. "He'll do it if I do it."


For those who need either a refresher or an introduction, here's a trailer for the original Versus, from the mystical year 2000:




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