Unexpectedly Realistic "Attack On Titan" Nendoroid Previewed

Who expected the Titan to be the first Nendoroid out of the series?

Usually, we are so used to seeing "cute" Nendoroid figures (well, with the exception of Mikudayo-) and we can usually assume Nendoroid figures make any character cute because of its smaller proportions.


Good Smile Company broadcast live for 2 days during the "Nico Nico Chokaigi" live event to demonstrate the digital production of a certain Nendoroid from the start of the project by creating 3D models from initial rendering to scale printing with a 3D printer, describing the process in detail. A Good Smile Company employee posted these photos of the finished Nendoroid from the live event on her Twitter account.




The finished product from the live demonstration, Nendoroid Colossal Titan Prototype.



With the wall and the steam.


The Titan Nendoroid is unexpectedly realistic despite of its smaller proportions. And I think it's safe to say it does not belong in the "cute" category, which could be a great thing since it is expanding the possibilities of Nendoroid figures.



Screen capture from Good Smile Nico Nico Broadcast.



During the live event, the identity of the Nendoroid was concealed and audience was free to guess who this was. Most audience guessed that it has to be Miku (by default, even though it was very obvious that it was not).



Pasting texture on the model.



Mr. Matsuzawa, who worked on 3D modeling, confessed that the first attempt to save the body with the correct textures failed 5 times after the first day of broadcast ended when he took the work home, that kept him up until 5 AM.



Transporting finished 3D model into the format that can be brought to 3D printer.



3D printing is in session. There are two heads just in case one failed. And no, it is not the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon on the left.



The yellow line shows where the printer is currently printing.



After the printing is finished and the figure dried, the technician is ready to dig them up.



A vacuum former is also used to clear the bed of plaster.



When the figure was dug up, a more delicate air gun was used to blow off the rest of the plaster.



Working on the detail.



The Nendoroid came out of the powder room and now on to the bath of instant glue. It suprisingly resenbles the human birth in a way.



It gets immersed in a bath of instant glue to seal the outer layer because the layer of ink is only 1mm thick and still fragile.



After the final coating of glue, the color of the figure becomes more vibrant.



The final product laying out to dry. Some people were still convinced that this is the inside of Mikudayo-.


If you are interested in watching the entire broadcast, it's 6.5 hours into the 2nd day, this is the link. You may have to be a premium member to watch it since the live event is already finished.

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