A Hotel Destroyed In "Girls Und Panzer" Draws More Guests

The collaboration with the anime is reviving the town of Ooarai!

Mezamashi TV, one of the popular morning TV shows in Japan previously aired a segment to show the effects of Girls Und Panzer on the town of Ooarai in Ibaraki prefecture. The series is set in the town and is bringing lots of visitors to the sacred grounds for Garupan fans.



Sakanaya Honten is the hotel that was partially destroyed by the tanks in the anime and the management told the morning show that they get 1.5 times more guests as a result, according to the screen cap posted on Twitter. Now the hotel offers Girls Und Panzer package deals for the fans with a note that they welcome parties of one as well.



The scene of the destruction of the hotel from the anime. You can see how accurately the location is reproduced.

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