English Translation of Gen Urobuchi's Infamous "Saya No Uta" Prepares to Ship

"Madoka Magica" and "Fate/zero" writer's Lovecraftian eroge released DRM-free and uncensored

Retailer Robert's Anime Corner Store reports that they've been told by JAST that NitroPlus Adult game title Saya No Uta (The Song of Saya) has begun shipping. Plans for a localized Saya were announced back in 2011. The visual novel is notable for offering fortified dose Madoka Magica and Fate/zero, writer Gen Urobuchi.


The 2003's Lovecraftian horror eroge tells the story of a young medical student who receives experimental brain surgery after a traumatic accident. He survives, but is left with warped senses that perceive the world as a hellish wasteland of pulsating flesh and twisted monsters. His salvation is a mysterious girl named Saya.


The release is is DRM-free and uncensored.


IDW released an English comic adaptation in 2011.




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