The Top 20 Best-Selling Video Game Brands from this Generation

Ubisoft financial report reveals standings of major franchises from this hardware generation

It's pretty obvious what the biggest-selling game franchise of this hardware generation is: Call of Duty, a game so popular that people buy it in droves every single year--and in some cases, it's the only video game they buy (and play) all year.


But what about the rest of the gaming industry? What franchises trail behind Activision's airsoft simulator military shooter? An Ubisoft financial report revealed the top 20 gaming brands of this generation, highlighting the company's place with their Assassin's Creed and Just Dance franchises.



Just to clarify, TRAVELLER'S TALES makes the Lego games, not TellTale


I have to say, that's a pretty impressive and varied list--shooters of the "gritty military" and "glitzy sci-fi" varieties, stealth-adventures, platformers, music games, sandbox games, racers, and that one MMORPG that makes all my friends disappear for weeks when a new expansion comes out. You can check out the full Fiscal Year 2013 Earnings Presentation here, but just looking at this list, what do you think? Are any of your favorites on this list? Is anyone else as stunned as I am that Sonic the Hedgehog managed to make the top 20 for this generation?

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