"BlazBlue" Fighting Game to Receive Anime Adaptation

Novel jacket confirms plans for adaptation, anime was game designer's wish since 2011

The frenetic and often confusing BlazBlue fighting game franchise is set to receive an anime adaptation almost three years after the game series designer publicly expressed a desire to see it become an anime series, which led to a petition for an adaptation by a Western producer based in Europe with ties to the game's Japanese publisher/developer.


BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Novel Jacket


The confirmation came on the wraparound jacket of the latest volume of the Calamity Trigger novelization of the franchise and further details have yet to be confirmed. However, as the latest game in the series was recently released in December of last year in Japan, speculation is already flying that the adaptation will start from the beginning of the video game series, if only to draw in both old and new fans.


The question is, with how polarizing the fighting game is due to its mechanics and its equally convoluted plot that stretches across multiple games, is there actual demand for an anime adaptation? To put this in better context, some openings from past BlazBlue games:



via Otakomu

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