VIDEO: "Fantasista Doll" Anime Cast Announcement

Code Geass director Goro Taniguchi develops bishouho sci-fi

This summer's Fantasista Doll anime is one the interesting projects, a bit lost in the shuffle given how many other interesting anime are coming up, and given how relatively quiet its promotion has been. Now, a new NicoLive event has announced the series cast.


The bishoujo sci-fi anime series is developed by Code Geass director Goro Taniguchi. Heaven's Lost Property and Haganai's Hisashi Saito is on board to direct the series, with character design by Guilty Crown's Yumi Kato providing character design based on Anmi originals.


A thumbnail description of the series promises a brave story of bonds of friendship, doll girls and power cards.






Ume Uno - Ayaka Ohashi (Dokidoki! Precure's Lance)


Sasara - Minami Tsuda (YuruYuri's Yui)


Katia - Sora Tokui (Milky Holmes' Nero Yuzurisaki)


Shimeji - Chinatsu Akasaki (Kill Me Baby's Yasuna Oribe)


Akari  - Akiko Hasegawa ([email protected]'s Miki Hoshii)


Madeline - Sayaka Ohara (Fairy Tail's Erza Scarlet)




Director: Hisashi Saito

Creative Producer: Goro Taniguchi

Setting: Meiri Tōno

Configuration assistance: Yuuko KakiharaNoboru Kimura

Original character design, card design draft: Anmi

Animation character design, chief animation director: Hiromi Kato

Art Director: Shigemi Ikeda

Director of Photography: Yoshihiro Sekiya

Sound director: Yota Tsuruoka

Music: Yasahuru Takanashi (

Color design: Reiko Iwasawa

Editing: Seiji Morita

Animation Production: Hoods entertainment 

Latest promo art




In addition to a smartphone app, tie-in projects include a Comp Ace manga from MekiMeki, Fantasia Doll - Prelude Kagami from Tomiya Kagisora ​​in Comic Alive and a Newtype Ace four panel strip, illustrated by Amni, and written by Meiri Tono.


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