"Digimon Frontier" Season 4 and "Yu-Gi-Oh Classic" Season 1 Listed by Retailer - UPDATED

Amazon lists September 10th release

New Video Group is ready to feed your anime/game franchise nostalgia this fall. Amazon has Yu-Gi-Oh Classics coming September 10th, with a full set for $44.95 and halves for $24.95 each. Digimon Frontier Season 4 DVD Set is also due on the date. Bonus features on the $79.95 package include 36-page Character Guide Booklet; Villain Photo Gallery.


Dark forces reign over the Digital World and only the DigiDestined can help rid it of evil forever. In DIGIMON FRONTIER, Takuya Kanbara and four other children, a new class of DigiDestined, battle evil in the DigiWorld not as Digimon trainers but as Digimon themselves! After boarding the Trailmon train bound for the Digitral World, Takuya and friends learn the story of 10 Ancient Warriors and their Digi-Spirits and soon realize that they too have their own Spirits that help guide and evolve them into Digimon to battle Cherubimon, a Celestial Digimon who s turned evil.



Their mission to save the DigiWorld grows more important every day, and as they learn the history of the Celestial Digimon and Ancient Warriors it also becomes more dangerous. For the first time ever, DIGIMON FRONTIER (the entire fourth season) is available in an 8-disc official collector s set complete with all 50 episodes!


UPDATE: Right Stuf also has both collections, listed as English dubbed only.

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