"Attack On Titan" Prequel Novel Gets New Print Run in Japan

New illustrations of "Attack On Titan" characters posted to celebrate new print run

THORES Shibamoto, a popular Japanese illustrator famous for her illustrations for the Trinity Blood novel, posted illustrations of characters from Attack On Titan to celebrate the reprint of the spin-off novel, Attack On Titan: Before the fall which was first released in 2011.




Levi by THORES Shibamoto.



Main heroines Mikasa from the original series and Charles from the novel. ("Charles" in French pronauciation is often used as a female name in Japanese anime and manga.)



Main character of the original series, Eren.



Main characters from the novel, Angel (Anheru, right) and Cyclo (Kyukuro, left) and a titan in the background.




The spin-off novel that comes in 3 volumes which was written by Suzukaze Ryo takes place before the original manga series to tell the story of how the 3D maneauver gear was invented. Above is the cover of the first volume that features Angel, illustrated by THORES Shibamoto.



The cover of volume 2 and 3.


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